Club Rules

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1. All children must have Northwood Gymnastic membership *

2. All children must have British Gymnastics insurance and membership     *

* Only applicable when attending term time classes


1. Please be punctual and leave time for changing before the class so as not to miss the warm up.

2. Do not leave valuables in the changing room.

3. Please ensure that no clothing or shoes are left in the reception area as this causes obstruction for our members and other people using the centre.

4.     All gymnasts should wear suitable clothing:

Girls – leotards or club t-shirt with shorts/leggings

Boys – club t-shirt, or boys leotard with shorts/tracksuit bottoms.

No Denim or school uniforms

5. Long hair and fringes must be tied neatly at all times.

No Long or false nails as this can cause injury.

6. No jewellery/watches to be worn in the gym

7. Do not work on any apparatus without a coach being present.

8. Misbehaviour, excessive and unnecessary noise will not be tolerated and offenders will be asked to leave the gym.

9. Do not cross areas where other gymnasts are working.

10. No running in the gym, unless instructed by a coach.

11. As a matter of courtesy and safety, gymnasts should ask permission to leave the gym during a training session.

12. No outdoor shoes should be worn in the gym.

13. No food to be brought into the gym.

14. Drinks - Only water allowed.

15. Please treat your coaches and fellow gymnasts with respect.

16. Sickness - Vomit and stomach virus' - Please allow 48 hours after a virus before returning to the club.



1. If you are staying to watch and have small children with you, please ensure they sit quietly if/when invited  into the viewing area.

2. It is difficult to oversee and prevent you from taking photographs of your child duing their gymnastics sessions, as the coaches are focused on the children. So for the safety of the children, if you do take a photo or video, please ensure this is for personal use only.  We kindly ask you NOT to post images or videos with other children in on any social media sites

Viewing areas:

St Helen's venue has a viewing area for family and friends to watch the whole session.

Northwood Gymnastics School  venue will not have a viewing area,  however families will be invited into the hall for the last 15 minutes of each session to watch their children before collecting them at the end of the session.

Should they wish, Parents and Guardians will  also have access to a classroom and outdoor sheltered area on site to wait during their child's gymnastics session.

Royal Masonic venue  does not have a viewing area.

2. Please remember we are not responsible for children outside their class hours.

3. Young children should be collected from the sports hall, not the car park.

4. Please arrive 5 minutes before the class ends when picking up your child.

5. No wet, muddy shoes in the gym viewing area.

6. No high heel shoes in the sports hall.


Gymnasts are tested on the badge in their online account. It is the parents responsibility to check the badge in their child's online account. The club cannot take any responsibility if a child is tested on the wrong badge. Please email - [email protected] to make any changes.