Information for Members

24th November 2020

Following the recent Government announcement on Monday 23rd November 2020. We will re-open on and sessions will run from Wednesday 2nd November 2020.

Autumn term dates have been extended to accomodate these missed sessions.

Revised AUTUMN 2020 Term Dates are now on the website via the link below.

A big thank you to all our members for all your support at this challenging time

Please refer to our terms and conditions for information of carried over sessions in the event of a club closure.

COVID-19 INDOOR - Information for Northwood School
COVID-19 INDOOR REC 4 YRS OLDS - Information for St Helens

As sessions are now staggered and have smaller class sizes. Due to this, we have had to change all our session times and members need to rebook for the September 2020 Term.

If you have not had information about re-booking, please email [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming Gymnasts safely back to the club.


Stay safe and keep well

The Team at Northwood Gymnastics

Please find some helpful links below:

- hand-hygiene-poster

- put it in the bin

- best-way-to-wash-your-hand

It is important to recognise that as we reopen, gymnastics will look very different for the children and they will not be learning in the same way.

  • Should anyone attending the club show symptoms of Covid-19, they will be separated from their group and their parents contacted immediately.
  • Everyone within that group will be asked to selfisolate according to NHS guidelines.
  • Please do not bring your child to the club if they show any symptoms related to Covid-19:

• high temperature (38 degrees or more) –feeling hot to touch on the chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature); • new, continuous cough –coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (for those who usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual); • loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – not being able to smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal.

  • You will be asked to verify your contact details, via the LOVE ADMIN app, when your child returns to the club.
  • All communication with staff will be made through email, or telephone.
  • As I am sure you understand, there will be lots of questions at this challenging time. We will do our best to answer them and hopefully reassure you and your child. We kindly ask you not to phone us, as we are not manning an office and working from a mobile phone. Please email us your enquiry, with the best number to call you on and we will call you back as soon as we possibly can.
  • The office must be informed of any changes to the emergency contact details for your child so that we are able to reach someone at all times. Please login to the LOVEADMIN platform and update your details. If you need support this, please email [email protected]
  • A senior Coach will be on duty in the hall at session to ensure that systems are being followed appropriately. They will remain 2m away from adults and children at all times.
  • Please note that if you wish to speak to your child’s Coach, this will need to be done by email and we will call you.
  • The Welfare Officers for safeguarding are Debbie Davies. If you do have a safeguarding concern, please get in touch immediately by emailing [email protected]
  • All emails sent to this address come directly to Lauren in confidence.

I hope we can answer your question below..



* My child has been asked to self isolate by their school. Can they come to the club?

When asked to self -isolate please follow Government Guideline and do not attend any public places including the club during this period. Please see our terms and conditions for missed sessions due to self isolating.

* When will next term start?

We started in September 2020

We had a break for 4 weeks and are back on the 3rd December 2020. See 'Revised Autumn 2020 Dates' link opposite for make up sessions and carried over sessions into January 2020.

To join us

New Members - visit the join us tab

Current members please email [email protected]

* What is the booking process for Members

Members who have paid will be given first choice of spaces. There will be a few days for them to chose a session time.

If you are not returning until September, just let us know and we will carry you make up sessions and fees over to the Autumn Term.

The next stage will be to offer spaces to our other current members.

Recreational Gymnasts

There will be no cost for the first two sessions. These are make up sessions from Spring.

These can be used in July or September.

Then summer term fees will cover the rest of the weeks if you have paid.

If you have not paid you will be able to book any remaining spaces and make a payment

Payments must be made to secure your space for the new term.

* What will my child do when the return to gymnastics?

Sessions will look very different. There will be smaller groups.

Gymnasts will initially work on mats, 2 metres apart.

The coaches will deliver GYMFIT Sessions - focusing on strength, co-ordination, flexibilty and conditioning.

* Will I be able to book the same class time as before?

Due to social distancing - all classes will have to be smaller. There will also be staggered start times. Classes will be starting very 10 or 15 minutes.

Gymnasts ages 6 plus will be offered a sessions which is close as possible to the day and time you had before.

If this session does not work for you, we will do our best to move you.

Gymnasts ages 4 and 5 will be able to book a Saturday or Sunday morning session. Evening sessions at the moment will not be available.

* Will I be credited for the cancelled sessions from Spring?

If you rejoin us next term we will provide make up sessions for all the sessions we cancelled due to the closure. We are very sorry, but to safeguard the future of the club and our coaches, we are not able to give refunds.  Thank you for your understanding.

Will I be credited for the cancelled sessions in Autumn 2020?

We are extending our term to provide make up sessions for all the sessions we cancelled due to the closure. We are very sorry, but to safeguard the future of the club and our coaches, we are not able to give refunds.  Thank you for your understanding.

* Do I have to start back when the club starts back, to qualify for my credit?

Your family’s health and safety will be your greatest priority at this time, so should you choose to keep your child away from the club until a later date in the term, your space can be put on hold, your credits can be carried over for a one year period, from the date the club goes back, until, we hope you are ready to return.

Please note that when you return we will do our best to give you the session time of your choice. But when we return to full capacity sessions is unknown.

*I had pre-authorised payments set up and payment has been taken. Can I have a refund?

Yes of course. You are entitled to refunds up to  24 hours before your class starts back. If you would like a refund, please email [email protected] We hope that you are just delaying the payment and are re-joining us when terms starts back.

* My child missed badge testing. Will you be running it again when we return.

Obviously, when we return is uncertain and unknown. But we will be running badge testing at the club, soon after we start back, to make up for the one cancelled in March.

These are difficult times and families may be struggling in different ways. We are here to support you as best we can, so please do get in touch if you need help.