Northwood Gymnastics - Terms and Conditions

Northwood Gymnastics. (NG)


It must be recognised that gymnastics is a sport that inherently involves an element of risk.  By taking part in a class with Northwood Gymnastics you agree and acknowledge that:

(i) You are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and you accept responsibility for exposing your child or your children to such inherent risk whilst taking part;

(ii) You will ensure your child complies at all times with the instructions of the coaches particularly with regard to conduct in the gym when using equipment and the wearing of suitable clothing for the activity. As outlined in our club rules.


All of our members are required to have British Gymnastics Membership.   From September 2017, Due to changes by British Gymnastics we no longer collect these fees and process them. This will now be your responsibility. Please note that your Termly fees DO NOT INCLUDE your BRITISH GYMNASTICS MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FEE. This is due for renewal on the first of October. I acknowledge that:

i) Without British Gymnastics Membership my child cannot participate in gymnastics at any of our 3 venues for Northwood Gymnastics.

ii) Northwood Gymnastics no longer collect these fees and process them. This will now be your responsibility.

iii) I understand that all British Gymnastics Membership expires at the end of September each year. Once expired my child is not insured and I need to renew my own BG Insurance via the British Gymnastics website.

iv) I understand if I do not renew my OWN British Gymnastics Membership each October, by the 1st, for Northwood Gymnastics, my child/children may not be admitted to the Gym at any of our venues and fees will be non-refundable.


You understand that the Head Coach  may exclude anyone from a particular session and evict anyone from the premises who refuses to comply with these Terms and Conditions or who misconducts themselves in any way or who causes damage or annoyance to other persons.


Gymnasts must wear clothing appropriate for the gymnastics activities.   Female gymnasts should not  wear crop tops whilst training.

This clothing is not appropriate when training.We kindly ask that all gymnasts please wear either a full length t-shirt, or full length vest top with leggings, or shorts or over a leotard, or a full leotard. (The leotard can be short or long sleeved).

No Jewerelly

We have a no jewellery policy for the safety of our gymnasts.

Click here to view the British Gymnastics policy  which we follow.


We kindly ask that gymnasts do not wear long false nails or keep long nails when training.

This is for their own safety.Wearing false acrylic nails or long nails can cause serious injury to both the gymnast and the coach supporting them.


You must email us to let us know.

Only if you contact us, we can offer you a refund for the term fees and you are welcome to rebook the week before you can make your trial.

If you do not contact us, and do not show up, we cannot refund for the session you missed. Only for the sessions from when you contact us.

Unfortunately, we cannot hold spaces without payment.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee there will be spaces at the beginning of the term in your chosen class.


During TERM TIME: As long as there is a place within the class you would like to change to, this can be done. If there are no spaces your child’s name will be added to our current members waiting list for the requested class and you will be contacted as soon as a space is available. Please email the venue's office if you would like to do this. [email protected] Please allow 5 working days for our offce team to contact you.


CLASS CHANGES - When you re-enrol, if you would like to change class, as priority re-booking goes to current members of the class, you can request to change after the payment deadline. Please note that this is subject to spaces being available. Please note, that we ask you to pay for your current class to secure your space as we cannot guarantee availability. Please email the venue's office if you would like to do this.

Approx 4 weeks before the end of each term we will start to email a payment request for the coming term. Please make sure you receive this payment request via email and make the payment to secure your space. Any places not secured with payment by the deadline WILL be offered out to our waiting list. We always put a payment deadline date on the email so members are aware of when payment is due by.

All payments are via online to your chosen email address. It is your responsibility to ensure that this email address is correct and updated.

We no longer take payments via bank transfer or via post.

All children must be in a class suitable for their age. When they get old too old for a class they will be moved up to the next class as soon as there is a space.


Once the deadline has passed, your payment request will be deleted if you have not paid and your child will be removed from the class.

If a space is available and you are resent your payment request after the deadline. There will be a £5.00 late payment admin fee.


Northwood Gymnastics reserves the right to refuse entry to class/es if fees have not been paid, a student arrives late or a student behaves in an inappropriate manner. No refunds will be given.


In the unlikely event that Northwood Gymnastics cancels a class for reasons out of their control, where possible make up sessions will be provided. Only if this is not possible will a credit be offered.

Reasons out of control include access to hall by the school due to events being run at the school.

If applicable, this refund will be by bank transfer  or a credit on your account when you rebook for the following term. Due to COVID-19 we cannot give cash refunds or cheque refunds.

PLEASE NOTE that where there are adverse weather conditions, all coaches will do there best to get to the club to run the class. It is only in the event that the school closes the hall for safety that sessions will be cancelled.

Please note we do not refund if your choose to keep your child off from gymnastics. (e.g. religious holidays where the school day would run as per normal on that day).

CORONAVIRIS - Updated -March 2021 

We are following the Governments guidance on safety regarding the coronavirus.

We strongly advise all members of the club - Coaches, Gymnasts and familes of, to follow to the NHS's medical and personal hygiene advice & guidance

For further upto date COVID-19 Information for members please visit our COVID-19 link on our website


If your child is asked to isolate due to Covid . We will offer you a makeup session to claim at a later date. Please email the office with confirmation of this isolation.

We do not give credits for sessions you cannot attend.


In the event of another lockdown, cancelled sessions will be offered as make up sessions, No refunds can be given. (Except for the above club refund terms).


All payments can only be made online

Due to COVID-19 - we cannot accept card, cheque or cash payments at the club

All payments are made via the platform - LOVEADMIN

We cannot accept back transfers direct to our accounts.


We offer you a trial class when you first join us to see how you and your child get on with the session, day and time. All payments must be made before the first trial to secure your space.  Once you have had your trial you will have 24 hours to contact us for a refund for the remaining sessions of the term and the joining fee,  if you do not wish to join the club. We must be contacted via email in writing to the appropriate admin team.  Refunds can not be agreed at the club.

If you choose not to join, we only refund for the numbers of sessions after your trial, or the sessions after you have made contact with us via email. The trial session will not be refunded.

REFUNDING 48 Hours after your trial - CURRENT MEMBERS

You are only entitled to a refund 48 hours after your trial if  you have medical reasons or injury. We will ask for a hospital note.

Medical notes must be presented within a week of the injury or incident to qualify for the refund.

We only refund for the sessions missed due to the illness or injury.

We also refund if you move house and location to another borough or country. where the time to commute is longer than one hour.  Please contact us via email with your request.

Current members re-enrolling - You re only entitled to a refund BEFORE the term starts.  After the term starts You are only entitled to a refund  if  you have medical reasons or injury. We will ask for a hospital note. We also refund if you move house and location to another borough or country. where the time to commute is longer than one hour.  Please contact us via email with your request.


- If your child chooses not to attend or your circumstances change so you can no longer attend which are not medical or due to moving out the area

We will refund you based on the following terms:

-Joining fee is non refundable

- British Gymnastics Membership  is non refundable.

- The customer must request the refund in writing to our [email protected] address

- Once receiving your request, your child will be removed from the class.

- A refund will only be given if the space is filled by another gymnast/customer.  If a current member moves to this class, this does not qualify as filling the space, unless the space that they moved from is filled by a newly, enrolling paying member.

- The customer must contact the office address to see if the space has been filled. We will not contact you.

- Only the number of sessions left from when the space has been filled will be refunded. The refund will only be from the date the new member joins.

- The fees can only be refunded within the term the request is made. If a space is not filled by the end of that term, then a refund cannot be made.

- The above will cost a £5.00 admin fee

- Refunds will be sent via bank transfer

- For all refunds - all payments made via Gocardless or London and Zurich online will have a 3% transaction fee.

ALL REFUNDS INCUR a £.500 admin fee and the above 3% transaction fee.


Term time - Please contact the admin team to find out availability.  Subject to spaces being available. - [email protected]

Re-enrolling and transferring venues.

Current St Helen Members have priority booking for their St Helens classes up until payment deadline.

Current Northwood School members have priority booking for their Northwood School classes up until payment deadline.

After the deadline- current members have priority to change classes at their own venue.  Subject to spaces being available.

The members of other venues, should they choose to change venue are offered the spaces next

Then the spaces get offered to the waiting list or goes live on the site.


If you leave our club, we cannot hold your space unless the reason you leave is due to illness or injury. A doctors note needs to be sent to our office address . [email protected]

If you choose to return the club, you will need to join through our website and if no spaces available resign up to the waiting list. After a year, you will need to repay the joining fee.


The information given by you will be used by us to process any class registration and for attending to you whilst you are at Northwood Gymnastics.  If you do not want to receive our newsletters and details of our promotions please  let us know via email.

All staff will have access to members phone numbers and medical information.

Any data that you provide will be held on an computer database protected by 2048-bit SSL encryption (unless you request otherwise in writing) accessible by authorised Club Officers for the purposes of club adminstration. Your details will be held for the duration of your membership and for a period of five years thereafter (unless you request otherwise in writing). The details will not be released to any third party.


Northwood Gymnastics may take photographs and video footage of those taking part in any Northwood Gymnastics activity and may use and/or store this media for coaching and / or promotional purposes. If you object to the use of these images please select the no box on your registration form or let us know in writing.


If your child has more specific needs, it is your responsiblity to discuss this with a Head Coach in addition to adding this information to the medical form, in your online account.

Please ensure if your child has any serious medical issues that you have noted it on the form and made us aware of it.


Sickness - Vomit and stomach virus' - Please allow 48 hours after a virus before returning to the club.


Please see our COVID-19 Safeguarding information on our COVID-19 page

No refunds are provided for children who are self-isolating.


I consent to my son/daughter taking part in gymnastics activities at Northwood Gymnastics, Northwood School Venue and St Helen's Venue.  He/she  have no undisclosed medical conditions that might endanger him/her self or others.  I will inform the Head Coach on arrival of any change to the given medical information.  I authorise Northwood Gymnastics to approve emergency medical treatment should the need arise.

My son/daughter/I will follow the directions of Northwood Gymnastics Staff  at all times and demonstrate a high regard for safety and behaviour.  I understand that Northwood Gymnastics  may exclude any person acting against its interests.

Parents and guardians of students attending classes are required to acknowledge their acceptance of the terms and conditions. By checking the box on the online registration form when re-enrolling for each term you are taking the responsibility for each student.

By setting up automated payments you are in acceptance of the terms and conditions of Northwood Gymnastics.

Northwood Gymnastics reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time providing half a terms notice is given to students.